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Webapps Policy Manual
Chapter 1 - About this manual

1.1 Scope

This manual aims to clarify the standards and technical requirements for web-based software in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It also serves as packaging manual with examples of best practices for packaging web applications in Debian.

"Web-based software", or "Web applications", encompass the group of software packages which are designed to be accessed via the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and similar client/server based content distribution protocols. This includes web servers, and applications which are designed to run on top of such servers.

1.2 Authors and Maintainers

This policy manual has been written by the members of the Debian Webapps Team:

While the authors of this document have tried hard to avoid typos and other errors, these do still occur. If you discover an error in this manual or if you want to give any comments, suggestions, or criticisms please send an email to the Debian Webapps List, debian-webapps@lists.debian.org, or submit a bug report against the webapps-common package.

1.3 Related Documents

"Web applications" is a fairly broad subject and overlaps with areas of Debian governed by other policy documents. Where possible, this document will defer to these other policies:

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Webapps Policy Manual

Revision: DRAFT-1.10

Alexis Sukrieh
Pascal Hakim
Neil McGovern
Sean Finney
Joey Schulze