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PHP Policy Draft
Chapter 4 - PHP libraries

PHP libraries should be located in /usr/share/php/PACKAGE. for packages that depend on a specific version of php libraries can be placed in /usr/share/phpPHPVERSION

4.1 Package Naming Requirements for php libraries

Debianized PHP libraries should be prefixed to identify themselves as such. The naming scheme should follow that of other languages (such as perl, ruby, and python) and name packages in the form libPEARLIBRARYNAME-php. Optionally, if the php library only works with a specific version of php libPEARLIBRARYNAME-phpPHPVERSION. would also be acceptable.

4.2 Requirements for PHP PEAR libraries

PEAR is a 3rd party repository for PHP code libraries that is accompanied by its own package management utilities, similar to perl's CPAN system. similar to the perl mini-policy, PHP packaging and policy are designed to accommodate debian systems where the local administrator has elected to install packages via PEAR.

4.2.1 Package Naming Requirements for PEAR libraries

PHP libraries that are debianized from the PHP PEAR repository should be prefixed to identify themselves as such. Package names should be in the form php-PEARLIBRARYNAME.

XXX should this be php-pear-PEARLIBRARYNAME?

XXX should this be libpear-PEARLIBRARYNAME-php?

XXX should this be libPEARLIBRARYNAME-pear-php?

XXX should this be no different from normal libraries?

4.2.2 Other installation requirements for PEAR packages

PHP PEAR library packages must also register and unregister themselves in the pear package management system. this can be done by adding the following code in the packages postinst script:

     			pear install -r package.xml

and the following in the prerm script:

     			pear uninstall -r PEARLIBRARYNAME

XXX: does this conflict with piotr's recommendation for having pear work only in /usr/local?

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PHP Policy Draft

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Alexis Sukrieh
Pascal Hakim
Neil McGovern
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