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PHP Policy Draft
Chapter 1 - About this manual

1.1 Scope

This document is intended to apply to four specific groups of packages in Debian GNU/Linux.

1.2 Authors and Maintainers

This policy manual has been written by the members of the Debian Webapps Team:

While the authors of this document have tried hard to avoid typos and other errors, these do still occur. If you discover an error in this manual or if you want to give any comments, suggestions, or criticisms please send an email to the Debian Webapps List, debian-webapps@lists.debian.org, or submit a bug report against the webapps-common package.

1.3 Related Documents

PHP is often one of many components that constitute a "PHP application" found in a typical debian package. There are many inter-related issues in such packages that fall outside the scope of this document. There do exist other documents which provide requirements and/or best practices for such situations:

1.4 Terms and Conventions


The major, or possibly major and minor version of a PHP engine packaged for debian.


XXX what exactly? apache vs cli vs cgi...


An identifying name for a precompiled PHP module.


An identifying name for a prepackaged PEAR library, with the following modifications to the upstream name to comply with debian policy:

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PHP Policy Draft

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Pascal Hakim
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